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About Lush Lawn Care

Our Story

Lush Lawn Care is an Edmonton lawn care company that was inspired by customer feedback and founded to offer a solution. With years of industry experience, our staff listened to hundreds of lawn care customers describe what they valued and what they lacked from their providers.

We launched Lush Lawn Care to provide the quality and expertise customers valued while also adopting innovations the industry lacked. Online booking, ‘on-the-way’ texts, and referral discounts are just some of the ways Lush is separating itself from the rest and pushing the industry forward. We are devoted to this cause and achieve it by focusing on the following three pillars: Green, Honest, Local.

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We are passionate about our quality and customer service so you feel confident in your choice to work with us.


Lush invests in industry leading products in order to provide industry leading results. We are also constantly testing new products on Edmonton soil in order to provide the best products on the market.


After years of experience, Lush was founded to provide an answer to the feedback we received. That is why everything at Lush is designed with the customer in mind. Booking can be done online quickly and easily. Customers can know when the technician will arrive thanks to our ‘on the way’ texts. Hours, expertise in field


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