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A liquid fertilizer is applied along with our blend of micronutrients to give the grass the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Fertilizer is the food your grass needs to survive. That’s why our premium fertilizer has been carefully tailored to suit Edmonton’s unique weather, soil, and grass varieties. We apply a liquid fertilizer for fast absorption, even distribution, and foliar feeding (absorbed directly through the blade). This liquid blend of macronutrients and micronutrients keeps your lawn healthy and green until the following service four weeks later. 

  • Greener & healthier grass
  • Keeps weeds away
  • Micronutrients
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Lush Lawncare Weed Control
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Weed Control

A liquid herbicide application kills weeds in lawns without harming the grass. This improves the health of the grass by reducing competition with invasive weeds. 

Beyond being an eyesore, weeds pose a direct challenge to your grass by competing for vital resources such as water and fertilizer. Our seasoned professionals skillfully eliminate these pests using a liquid herbicide while keeping your grass, gardens, and pets safe. We solve the problem at its roots, freeing up your grass to soak up the sun, water, and fertilizer it needs to thrive.

  • Expert Technicians carefully remove weeds without harming plants & flowers
  • Promotes Grass Growth by removing competition for nutrients
  • Safe for Kids & Pets
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Aeration pulls cores of soil from the lawn to allow air, water, and nutrients to get to the grass roots. The holes capture water, break up compact soil, and allow the lawn to breathe, while the surfaced cores improve soil health.

Aeration improves the transfer of air, water, and nutrients into the soil by extracting soil cores from the lawn. As these nutrients reach the root zone, they become readily available to the grass above, enhancing the effectiveness of fertilization and watering for the promotion of a lush and healthy lawn.

Following aeration, we apply our premium grass blend onto the freshly treated lawn, allowing it to thrive in the optimal conditions provided by the aeration holes. In essence, aeration not only improves nutrient transfer and soil conditions but also stimulates new grass growth.

  • Healthier Soil for better absorption
  • New Grass Growth makes lawn dense and green
  • Premium Grass Seed blend designed for Edmonton conditions
  • Dethatches without harming the lawn
Lush Lawncare Maintenance
Lush Lawncare Soil Enhancer
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Soil enhancer

A soil-focused treatment to ensure water and nutrients are absorbed by the grass. This reduces watering, increases fertilizer effectiveness, and creates stress-resistant lawns.

The key to a lush and vibrant lawn lies in the health of its soil. Over time, soil naturally undergoes hardening, acidification, and thatch accumulation, impeding its capacity to supply vital nutrients to your grass. That’s why we offer a specialized soil-focused nutrient blend designed to restore and maintain optimal soil conditions.

What sets us apart from competitors is our commitment to precision—we test your unique soil conditions and fine-tune our nutrient blend accordingly. Our tailored treatment not only revitalizes the soil but also improves the grass’s absorption of water and nutrients. This results in less of a need for excessive watering and an increase in fertilizer effectiveness, allowing your lawn to be stress-resistant and vibrant.

  • Reduces Watering by increasing soil absorption
  • Increases Fertilization Effectiveness
  • Balances Soil Acidity common around evergreen & fruit trees
  • Increases Drought Resistance